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AAA Freight, Inc.

Website design project for AAA Freight Inc: A high-converting lead generation machine

Client: AAA Freight, Inc.

AAA Freight, Inc. is one of the leading transportation companies in the US Mid-west. Established in 2010, they are known for their rapid growth and effective transportation solutions. They are also one of our dearest clients and long-term partners, with our partnership being longer than 5 years.


AAA Freight has a powerful team of truck driver recruiters, heavily relying on lead generation campaigns, with the leads being received from their website and social media. In 2021 its old website started falling behind its competitors in terms of speed, user experience, and - conversion rates. With their website slowly decreasing in capability to generate high ROI, which meant only one for their experienced managers - a redesign is needed.
The Challenge was to create a modern-looking, high-converting website based on previous experiences and the best conversion-optimization practices. The conversion portfolio was the same: Pre-qualification form submission was a primary conversion, and phone call was a secondary conversion.

The solution

After analyzing all the previous data, we come up with several critical tasks for the UX/UI idea:

1. The site has to be clean and easy to navigate for truck drivers, and the application process must be shortened.
2. All the actions leading to primary and secondary conversions must be easily accessible at any point of the visitor's journey

Final Results

The approach to this project brought us some fantastic results that affected the cost per hire to drop dramatically:
1. Primary conversion rate increased by 21,1%
2. Secondary conversion rate increased by 9,09%
3. Time to convert dropped by 22%
4. Website loading time dropped by 70% (the site loads in 0.8s on average)
AAA Freight, Inc.
Trucking Transport
Time frame:
Jan 2022
Services provided:
UX/UI Design
Conversion Rate Optimization
Front-end Development

Proven Process To  Achieving Outstanding Results

A successful website project is not just a website looking good. It's also its performance and capability to convert visitors. In order to manage such complex projects a proven framework is used. 
1. UX Research
2. UX Design
3. UI Design
4. Development
5. Site Setup

Consistant Branding

The website is not a standalone asset. It has to look and feel like an integral part of brand communication. AAA Freight, Inc. website project uses their famous color and font pairing scheme.  

We used Oswald Bold for headings & Montserrat for body text.

New Design

A redesign website is modern, clean, and easy to navigate.

Responsive Design

AAA Website perfectly fits any screen and device to provide exceptional user experience across the web

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